Diabetic neuropathy (Charcot Disease)

The first detailed description of neuropathic arthritis dates back to 1868 by the neurologist Jean Martin Charcot. The incidence of neuroarthropathy in diabetic patients varies from 1 to 2.5%. Approximately one third of the patients present with this pathology bilaterally.

The methods and the duration of treatment depend on the stage and the type of the disease.

The aim of the surgery is to correct the deformity and to obtain foot fixation in the position that offers relief of the symptoms. The creation of a flat, stable surface for the foot for its contact with the ground leads to the improvement of the general condition of the patient improving the functionality of the limb.

I would like to describe the case of a 64-year old patient suffering from diabetic neuropathy (Charcot disease) of the right limb. The patient was diagnosed with diabetes 6 years ago. Due to the disease, the clinical and X-ray examination revealed a complete destruction of the foot joints with the presence of ulcers at the plantar surface.

I performed quadruple articular arthrodesis with the use of the Ilizarov apparatus.

The duration of treatment was five months. The patient walks without crutches and wears normal shoes. The ulcer of the foot sole healed.