Periprosthetic fractures

Periprosthetic hip fracture

A female patient (60 year old) suffering from thalassemia (Hematocrit level on admission – 18%). She had a communited periprosthetic hip fracture classified as Type B1 (with a possible loosening of prosthesis) or Type C (Vancouver).

Due to the fact that that patients with thalassemia usually have an increased risk of surgical and post-surgical complications (bleedings, risk of infection, osteoporosis), it was decided to use the Ilizarov method.

The Ilizarov apparatus was placed under epidural anesthesia with skeletal traction after a closed reduction of the bone fragments.

From the first day the patient started to walk with crutches. Four months later the fracture has completely healed, and the Ilizarov apparatus was removed.

The result of treatment is presented in the pictures: